Reading for Enlightenment in the Beginning of Philosophical Transactions

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Ascher, James, English - Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Virginia
Wall, Cynthia, AS-English-Eng Lit Ops, University of Virginia
Vander Meulen, David, AS-English-Eng Lit Ops, University of Virginia
Pasanek, Brad, AS-English-Eng Lit Ops, University of Virginia
Wellmon, Michael, AS-German Lit, University of Virginia

This dissertation recounts the history of some widely read texts and develops new ways of writing about the past; it is at once an investigation into the particulars of history and an account of the historiography needed of that investigation. As an historical account, it documents the development during the seventeenth century of the learned journal The Philosophical Transactions, which became a model for that most flexible form, the periodical. As historiography, it builds methods for the history of texts, books, and letters, contributing to basic scholarship within bibliography.

PHD (Doctor of Philosophy)
bibliography, seventeenth century, history of science, history of quotation, Philosophical Transactions, Royal Society, printing history, Great Fire, digital humanities, book history, periodical studies
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