The Effect of Artificial Intelligence on Human Ingenuity

Manicka, Kiran, School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Virginia
Forelle, MC, Engineering and Society, University of Virginia
Vrugtman, Rosanne, EN-Comp Science Dept, University of Virginia

Ingenuity is a relatively vague term but overall it generally refers to qualities that are unique. Two qualities that make humans unique are critical thinking and decision making skills. The aim of this paper is to argue that the increased dependence on Artificial Intelligence will in fact negatively impact human society in its ability for ingenuity because of its effects on critical thinking, and decision making. This will be proven using online and current literature that exist in the form of articles and research publications. Through my analysis of these sources, I conclude that there is more evidence for Artificial Intelligence degrading human ingenuity because it worsens memory and decision making ability which are large parts of intelligence. These points will beat the argument that there should be no concern for human ingenuity as a result of Artificial Intelligence.

BS (Bachelor of Science)
Artificial Intelligence, Ingenuity, Technology, Memory, Chat GPT

School of Engineering and Applied Science
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Technical Advisor: Roseanne Vrugtman
STS Advisor: MC Forelle

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