Cloud Computing: Using AWS Secrets Manager To Automate Internal Database Password Rotation; Security Measures To Improve Data Privacy

Abaza, Ahmed, School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Virginia
Baritaud, Catherine, EN-Engineering and Society, University of Virginia
Morrison, Briana, Computer Science, University of Virginia

Data security and privacy is a growing concern for people and companies with the rise of data breaches. The technical report describes a password rotation tool that was created. The tool was created to help automate the process making it more efficient and secure, which allowed for an overall increase in password security. The science, technology, and society (STS) research paper reviews data breaches and presents certain steps individuals can take to secure their data. The tightly coupled technical and STS topics cover a range of commercial and personal solutions that can be used to better protect data.
The technical report outlines the creation of a software tool to automate password rotations for an existing system. The goal of the tool was to make password rotations more efficient since they were previously a manual process. The automation of the process would make the passwords more secure and allow the rotation to happen more often. All of this helps increase data privacy and protection.
The tool was able to completely automate the process. Now the rotations can happen almost automatically this reduces the chance for human error. It also means the rotations can happen more often which would further secure the system. The tool was a commercial solution to data privacy and worked effectively to solve the problem.
The STS paper addresses how individuals can take steps to increase data privacy and security. At first the idea was that individuals should take steps on their own, however later it was realized engineers can also play an important role. Bijker’s Social Construction of Technology theory was used to show how engineers are pressured to secure data, but how they can also enable the individual to keep their data secure.
The evidence shows that there has been a massive amount of data breaches that could have easily been prevented. The breaches usually revolve around one or two passwords being compromised. Basic steps could have been taken to protect these passwords. Some of these steps include having longer and stronger passwords. The engineers can build the systems that force the users to take these steps. This will lead to a great increase in data security.
Large amounts of personal data live on the internet and are constantly stolen. The technical report presents a commercial solution, and the STS report shows how engineers and individuals can take steps to better protect their data. Data security and privacy is important to protect all individuals and their personal data.

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Social Construction of Technology (SCOT), Data, Privacy, Security, Passwords
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