Lumped parameter approach to stability analysis

Shah, Sudhir J, Department of Engineering, University of Virginia
Pilkey, Walter D., Department of Engineering, University of Virginia
Allaire, Paul, Department of Engineering, University of Virginia

A structural stability modeling technique based on representing the in-plane forces as discretized or lumped parameters is developed and applied to various structural members. Calculations of elastic critical loads for such structures as frames, curved beams, circular plates, and shells of revolution are performed and compared with solutions obtained using other methods.

A new discrete model, which is called a modified Rigid Body Spring Model, is developed and described with its application for nonlinear analysis. With this model; the angles of the rigid bars in the Rigid Body Spring Model are defined in the local coordinate. system, which subsequently helps in describing the behavior of geometrically curved structures. The effectiveness of this model in buckling analyses in combination with an axial force lumped model is shown by several numerical examples.

As an extension of the lumped axial force method analysis, Dunkerley's method for stability is examined and its application is demonstrated by solving several examples.

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PHD (Doctor of Philosophy)
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