ecoMOD 1 Data Monitoring System : the Design and Installation of a Residential Energy Monitoring System

Kidd, Benjamin Wilbur, Department of Engineering, University of Virginia
Marshall, Phineas Paxton, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Virginia
Harriott, Lloyd, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Virginia
Quale, John, Department of Architectural History, University of Virginia

Residential energy and resource monitoring can give key feedback on the design and usage of houses in America. The ecoMOD 1 house, called "OUTin", utilizes more than 40 different sensors to monitor the house's energy efficiency, environmental quality, and water usage.

The ecoMOD project is a collaboration between the University's Engineering and Architecture schools. Students design and build affordable, energy efficient, high quality prototype houses using modular building techniques and innovative energy saving designs. This thesis describes the monitoring system installed in the OUTin house, including the components, installation, and communication system. Sample data from the monitoring system as well as future monitoring system innovations for new ecoMOD houses are discussed.

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MA (Master of Arts)
residential enviromental quality, ecoMOD project, residential energy

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