The Relationship Between Development and Gentrification in Washington D.C. (STS research paper)

Flici, Massinisa , School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Virginia
Miksad, Richard, School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Virginia
Norton, Peter, EN-Engineering and Society, University of Virginia


How effectively do green building standards measure sustainability? Sustainable buildings are resource efficient and durable, with a low ratio of inputs to outputs over their lifetime. LEED rates buildings for their performance under different sustainability requirements such as water and electricity efficiency.

Stone shape and orientation affect the structural Stability of retaining walls and are essential to Incan retaining walls. It is impossible to quantify the complex frictional relationship between the stones. ' Assuming retaining walls follow tessellating patterns of uniform stone shapes and evaluating the shapes' factor of safety indicates how random orientation influences the structural strength of retaining walls.

Gentrification and development are related in Washington D.C. Corporate involvement in local government agencies has prompted heavy development in the city's poorest regions. Displaced residents struggle to find affordable housing. Public housing options is being demolished under the New Communities Initiative. Mayor Bowser has allocated $100 million of the annual city budget to combatting displacement, but if government agencies don't change their tactics gentrification will follow the same trend.

BS (Bachelor of Science)
Development, Gentrification, Incan Retaining Wall Stability

Other title: Incan Retaining Wall Stability (Technical report); "School of Engineering and Applied Science."
"Bachelor of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering."; Technical Advisor: Richard Miksad;
STS Advisor: Peter Norton.

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