ECM Hydrogel Derived from Decellularized Adipose Tissue for Adipose Derived Stem Cell Differentiation to Augment Breast Reconstruction / COVID-19 Vaccine Opposition in the United States: Pseudomedical Influencers and Antivaccine Astroturf Groups

Marquis, Olivia, School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Virginia
Norton, Peter, EN-Engineering and Society, University of Virginia
Cottler, Patrick, MD-PLSR Plastic Surgery, University of Virginia

A human decellularized adipose tissue extracellular matrix hydrogel could support adipose-derived stem cell differentiation into mature adipocytes, providing controlled fat growth. This hydrogel has the potential to improve or even replace conventional fat grafting procedures, serving as a cosmetic filler to augment breast reconstruction post-mastectomy. / Especially since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, individuals and organizations with claims to medical expertise have cultivated mass followings among Americans, using their influence to lend credibility to medical misinformation, thereby exacerbating distrust in consensus public health guidance.

BS (Bachelor of Science)
breast reconstruction, ECM hydrogel, COVID-19, medical misinformation
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