Henry van de Velde and Friedrich Nietzsche

Wagner, Marc Christian, Architectural History, University of Virginia
Wilson, Richard, Architectural History, University of Virginia
Reilly, Lisa, AR-Architectural History, University of Virginia
Brownell, Charles, Architectural History, University of Virginia

The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche profoundly influenced the theory and architectural designs of Modernist architect Henry van de Velde. Nietzsche, who demanded a radical reassessment of artistic values, provided inspiration for van de Velde's cause of establishing a new architecture.
Van de Velde's work should be reconsidered within a Nietzschean context, especially in light of new information that leaves no doubt about van de Velde's intimate participation in the Nietzsche cult. In my investigation of this architect-philosopher connection I will explore van de Velde's adoption of Nietzschean rhetoric, especially where it inspired van de Velde to incorporate its meaning as part of his vision for the artist's role in transforming society.

MARH (Master of Architectural History)
Velde, Henry van de -- 1863-1957 -- Criticism and interpretation, Velde, Henry van de -- 1863-1957 -- Philosophy, Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm -- 1844-1900 -- Influence -- Velde, Architects -- Belgium -- Biography
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