Queering the Process: A Pedagogical Case Analysis of Queer Interruptions in the First-Year Writing Classroom

Arbini, Kayla Reese, English - Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Virginia
Seitz, James, English, University of Virginia

This thesis aims to explore the transformative potential of queering the writing process within the first-year writing classroom. Through a pedagogical case study centered on student writing from both semesters of my first-year writing course, Queering the Narrative, my analysis aims to uncover the implications of queer interventions in first-year writing instruction. Building on the pedagogical philosophies of such scholars as Paulo Freire and bell hooks, and employing explicitly queer approaches to academia and writing as discussed and embodied by such scholars as Jack Halberstam and Stacey Waite, I reflect on the impact of queer pedagogy on student writing and my own experience of facilitating critical conversation about our collective and subjective comprehension of the world and assisting students in finding the language to articulate that understanding.

MA (Master of Arts)
first-year writing, pedagogy, queering, queer pedagogy, writing and composition studies
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