A device for delivering a highly localized hyperthermia treatment to deep seated brain tumors

Molloy, Janelle Arlene, Department of Physics , University of Virginia
Ritter, Rogers C., Department of Physics, University of Virginia
Sobottka, Stanley, Department of Physics, University of Virginia
Gillies, George, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Virginia

A device is being developed for producing a well localized hyperthermia treatment in deep-seated brain tumors. Heat deposition will be localized by preferential power deposition in a 3mm diameter metallic sphere. The sphere will be inserted through the brain into the tumor through a minimum damage path with the use of three dimensional remote magnetic manipulation. The asymmetric tumor will then be treated by rastering the sphere in three dimensions throughout the diseased volume while maintaining geometric sensitivity to tumor boundaries.

A prototype of a magnetic manipulation system has been built which is capable of producing motion of a 3 mm diameter, 3 mm long NdFeB permanent magnet probe through a brain-like ''phantom". Forces are produced by a 2 k W electromagnet possessing a "neck-loop" design. Directionality of the force is provided through mechanical reorientation of the coil and is able to produce motion of the probe in two dimensions.

The rheological properties of brain tissue were measured in a series of tests performed on in vitro dog brains. A transparent "phantom" gel was fabricated to simulate the mechanical properties of brain tissue while allowing visualization of motion of a probe undergoing manipulation with the magnet system already described.

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