Observation of the Dipole-Dipole Interaction in Dressed State Rydberg Atoms by Microwave Spectroscopy

Levac, Lauren, Department of Physics, University of Virginia
Gallagher, Thomas F., Department of Physics, University of Virginia
Jones, Robert R., Department of Physics, University of Virginia

Cold Rydberg atoms are a useful medium to study physical properties for several reasons. The trapped and cooled atoms move on the order of 0.24 µm/µs - essentially stationary on the timescale of our experiments. In addition Rydberg Rubidium atoms have one loosely bound electron at a distance from the ion core ∝ n 2 . When a dressing field is applied to that electron, it oscillates between states creating a single atom dipole which is a useful object of study. This thesis presents experimental studies of dressed state Rydberg atoms. It was found that the dressed state is highly sensitive to the polarization of the dressing field. We characterized dressed state cold Rydberg atoms - how they behave under changes in dressing frequency, dressing power, polarization of dressing and probe fields, and density.

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