An Individual Differences Approach to Study Time Allocation across the Adult Lifespan

Krueger, Lacy Elise, Department of Psychology, University of Virginia
Salthouse, Timothy, Department of Psychology, University of Virginia

Adults (ages 20-86) participated in two studies that investigated the effects of aging on study time allocation in a verbal and a spatial task. In both studies increased age was associated with poorer study time allocation based on performance on a prior trial, and effectiveness of allocating study time was related to subsequent memory performance. However, Study 1 revealed that age differences were not due to differences in awareness of prior performance. In Study 2 it appeared that task experience may improve study time allocation on a spatial but not on a verbal task. Furthermore, there was largely a labor-in-vain effect in the tasks across the age groups in the sense that there was little benefit in subsequent performance of studying previously incorrect items longer.

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