Data Metrics Dashboard Security Analysis;How has COVID influenced the cybersecurity of employees working in a new environment

Um, Davin, School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Virginia
Ku, Tsai-Hsuan, EN-Engineering and Society, University of Virginia
Cohoon, Jim, EN-Comp Science Dept, University of Virginia

Since the coronavirus pandemic, employees were forced to change their working environment to almost virtually. This impacted the cybersecurity of different organizations, which cyber threats became more prevalent towards employees’ devices. The project carefully analyzes the general information of cybersecurity and cyber threats, and the impact of cybersecurity due to shifts in the working environment. The project will put emphasis towards finding how the perception of employees towards cybersecurity has changed, as well as its impact on their work in general. The research will be conducted through analysis and gathering of data, carefully conducting surveys to people who fall into the category and studying documents that have corresponding data. The project will ultimately find the difference in awareness of cybersecurity since the pandemic and spread the knowledge that cybersecurity has a significant role in protecting our daily life.
The technical report discusses the threat dashboard that allows the user to see the visualization of cyber threats happening to their system. The dashboard has multiple panels that visualize the data, such as number of logs, graphs showing the trend of the data, etc. Because of the coronavirus, it became essential for companies and small businesses to depend on other companies’ security systems for the protection against cyber threats. The technical project will provide the solution to the approach which the user will be able to identify if the threat is currently happening through looking at that security dashboard. The data will be transmitted from the database to the dashboard, and the panels will be updated accordingly. If malicious behavior is detected from the dashboard, then the user will be able to analyze it and contact the security team of either their own security team or the company that provides the protection.

BS (Bachelor of Science)
cybersecurity, cyber threat

School of Engineering and Applied Science,
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science,
Technical Advisor: James Cohoon,
STS Advisor: Sharon Tsai-Hsuan Ku,

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