Grip of the Dysfunctional Narrative as Seen in South Indian Pentecostalism

Patil, Neeth, Religious Studies - Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Virginia
Ochs, Peter, AS-Religious Studies, University of Virginia
Jones, Paul, AS-Religious Studies, University of Virginia

The thesis is divided into two parts. Part one consists of a story and part two is divided into three chapters that is dedicated to commentaries on the story. Part one: the story entitled Nudge…Snap! is a personal piece of fiction loosely based on my experiences of South Indian Pentecostalism. Part two: Chapter one deals with the Partition of India and the bitter Hindu-Islam relationship in India to situate religious trauma within its context. Chapter two deals with the lived experience of a staunch Pentecostal in Southern India. Here I delve into the mind and life of the character as she grapples with questions of what it means to be biblically holy while preparing for the “narrow path to heaven.” In chapter three, I deal with the mutually interactive relationship between theology and the literary form that allows the possibility of making intelligible the ineffable narrative of theology.

MA (Master of Arts)
South Indian Pentecostalism, Psycho-religious, Partition of India, Religious trauma, Narrative theology, Religious experience, Fundamentalism, Internal conflict, Dysfunctional narrative, Holiness
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