Age-Friendly Cities

Tatman, Catherine, Community Based Undergraduate Research Grant, University of Virginia
Corse, Sarah, Department of Sociology, University of Virginia

Our ageing and urbanizing population presents a dual challenge to today’s cities. The current social and physical structure of our modern urban landscape often present barriers which prevent people from achieving a fully integrated and successful life. Planners, architects, and policy makers must embrace a new paradigm and rethink how and for whom cities are friendly to. People of all ages desire healthy, happy, and wholesome environments in which to thrive. Scholars from diverse backgrounds seek to find the best combination of environmental conditions and options to ensure modern urban settings encourage and support urban populations to thrive. In this report historic and current theories and findings are examined as pieces of the intricate puzzle which will be necessary to achieve age-friendly cities.

BA (Bachelor of Arts)
age-friendly, cities, age, urban
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Senior Center, Charlottesville, Virginia
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