Micromachined On-Water Probes for Characterization of Terahertz Devices and Circuits

Bauwens, Matthew, Electrical Engineering - School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Virginia
Weikle, Robert, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Virginia

The terahertz frequency spectrum (300 GHz - 3 THz) is recognized as a potential tool for many applications, and the development of terahertz integrated circuits promises to unlock this potential. However, the on-wafer measurement infrastructure necessary to accurately characterize integrated circuits and devices in the terahertz regime is largely undeveloped. In addressing this need, the recent development of the micromachined on-wafer probe represented a turning point, establishing a foundation for terahertz on-wafer measurement infrastructure.

In this work, improvements to the micromachined probe design are developed to provide more robust and reliable electrical and mechanical performance. Additionally, the design of a new micromachined probe housing enables increased overall performance of the on-wafer measurement system.

To address emerging measurement needs in the terahertz range, the second part of this work presents the design and characterization of micromachined on-wafer probes for the WR-1.2 (600 - 900 GHz) and WR-1.0 (750 GHz - 1.1 THz) waveguide bands. These designs enable on-wafer measurement capabilities of devices and circuits to 1.1 THz for the first time.

PHD (Doctor of Philosophy)
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