Unsafe Streets: Are Automated Vehicles the Solution?

Deaton, Matthew, School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Virginia
Elliott, Travis, EN, University of Virginia

Anyone who grew up watching the Jetsons was in disbelief when they saw all of the technology that George Jetson had at his fingertips. One of the inventions that caught the eye of many was the video communicators that were used throughout the series. No one thought that in their lifetime would technology superior to theirs would exist. Then came video calls, and on phones the size of pocketbook. Another technological marvel is taking place, only this time it has to do with vehicles. Cars that drive themselves aren’t just being researched, they are being tested across the country. They are on the cusp of being distributed to the general public.
However, technology doesn’t happen in a vacuum, there are ethical questions that have to be considered with the arrival of automated vehicles. The Societotechnical paper will investigate the many repercussions and effects that this new technology will have on society. The SCOT framework was chosen to do this.
The Technical paper will discuss the steps taken to begin to make a 2008 Ford Escape self-driving. The first step, which was completed by this years team was to make the vehicle Drive-by-Wire. The end result involved making the braking, steering and throttle fully controlled by a remote.

BS (Bachelor of Science)
Automated, Self, Driving, Car
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