The Open Science Framework: Improving Science by Making It Open and Accessible

Spies, Jeffrey Robert, Department of Psychology, University of Virginia
Nosek, Brian, Department of Psychology, University of Virginia

There currently exists a gap between scientific values and scientific practices. This gap is strongly tied to the current incentive structure that rewards publication over accurate science. Other problems associated with this gap include reconstructing exploratory narratives as confirmatory, the file drawer effect, an overall lack of archiving and sharing, and a singular contribution model - publication - through which credit is obtained. A solution to these problems is increased disclosure, transparency, and openness. The Open Science Framework ( is an infrastructure for managing the scientific workflow across the entirety of the scientific process, thus allowing the facilitation and incentivization of openness in a comprehensive manner. The current version of the OSF includes tools for documentation, collaboration, sharing, archiving, registration, and exploration.

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