Evaluating the development of Internet industries between the United States and China

Ren, Tiancheng, School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Virginia
JACQUES, RICHARD, EN-Engineering and Society, University of Virginia
Wylie, Caitlin, EN-Engineering and Society, University of Virginia

My technical project and STS research paper are both working on the development of Internet industries to help make a better world. My technical work involves the integration of an innovative online testing system, which mainly includes test subsystem and question bank subsystem to help solve the problem of inconsistent examination system during the current epidemic. My STS research compares and analyzes the development of China and the United States on the Internet industries and their future trends in different aspects. Combining these two projects, my work shows the booming development of the Internet and the convenience and prosperity it brings to society.
On the technical side, my technical research focuses on building an online exam platform using the Django framework as well as bootstrap, Heroku where students can answer and practice study questions while professors will have access to grade the exam. Since we have moved all our classes online, it is necessary to rebuild the exam mode from in-class to a suitable online form. My team and I worked together to successfully launch the platform and run the beta test. Compared with the traditional paper test, the online test system designed in this paper eliminates the effect of human factors to the greatest extent and ensures the objectivity, real-time nature of the test, and the consistency of the marking standards. Using the online examination system, we can complete the ability assessment of candidates with high efficiency and high quality. One person, one paper is the biggest feature of the online test system. The test papers between adjacent test takers are not the same. Because test papers are produced in real time according to the test paper strategy, it is difficult for test takers to transfer information to each other, thus avoiding joint cooperation. Hopefully, my technical work will aid the CS department in improving the overall performance of online exams in the future.
During my STS research, I compared the development of China and the United States in the Internet industry from five aspects and analyzed their respective strengths and weaknesses. I found that considering the industrial advantages, the United States relies on governance and technological advantages, while China relies on market size. Although the Internet industries of China and the United States are both thriving, the competitive advantages of the two countries are quite different. The core advantage of the US Internet is the control of key resources and cutting-edge technologies in the global network, while China relies on its huge population size and market potential. Then I considered the market position comparison: the United States is an oligopoly, and China is a market challenger. Also, The United States focuses on bottom-level innovation and intensive development, while China focuses on application innovation and scale expansion on industrial scale expansion. At last, I compare the entrepreneurial ecology between China and the United States. This research not only emphasizes the importance of national competition in science and technology, but also expresses the convenience and prosperity that the development of the Internet brings to society.
During the completion of my STS research paper, I came to understand the importance of cooperation as a society. There will be development if there is competition. Both sides have their own advantages and disadvantages. The most ideal situation for humankind and our society is for both countries to work together to learn from each other's strengths and jointly promote the development of the world Internet. Engineers should continue to innovate and have the desire to contribute to the development of society. The technical work I did make me recognize how important the online examination system is to the fairness of the examination. This aligned with my research paper, as I found that Internet innovation not only exists in large enterprises and cutting-edge laboratories but more generally in our schools and our society. Any engineer can have the ability to change the world through a random idea. All in all, I would like to extend thanks to Professor Richard Jacques and Professor Haifeng Xu as my technical advisor. They both provided me with incredible support and help.

BS (Bachelor of Science)
internet, china, high-tech industry

 School of Engineering and Applied Science
 Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
 Technical Advisor: Haifeng Xu
 STS Advisor: Richard Jacques, Caitlin Wylie
 Capstone Team Members: Zetao Wang

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