Villa : the local and global in suburban Beijing

Kok, Theeng Theeng, Department of Architectural History, University of Virginia
Upton, Dell, Department of Architectural History, University of Virginia
Nelson, Louis, Department of Architectural History, University of Virginia
Damon, Frederick, Department of Anthropology, University of Virginia

Suburban villas are a new form of architecture sprouting up rapidly in and around Beijing. The villas in these suburban developments differ markedly from the type of housing typically found in the city, even those villas that claim inspiration from Chinese historical architecture. If not for their distance from the center of the city, they would look visually out of place in terms of the forms and designs of the individual houses and the layouts of the communities. The villas are also out of place in their demographics and class composition: villa residents differ from the average Beijing resident in their origin, occupation, wealth and even the way they own the house. Initially built to house expatriates, the suburban villas' impact on Beijing is expanding as the new developments target Chinese consumers.

MA (Master of Arts)
suburban villas, Chinese architecture

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