Timothy O'Sullivan: Shadows of Subjectivity in the Photographer's Frame

Paul, Elizabeth Sarah Gene , Department of English, University of Virginia
Howard, Alan, Department of English, University of Virginia
Nudelman, F., Department of English, University of Virginia

An examination of Timothy O'Sullivan's photographs of the Civil War and the American West. This project views each genre in light of the other and in relation to the tools and techniques of photography, as well as the cultural and aesthetic expectations of the nineteenth-century. It seeks to understand the practical and conceptual considerations that went into O'Sullivan's photography in order to better understand the role of the nineteenth-century photographer and the full meaning of this man's work. Ultimately, O'Sullivan uniquely blends subjectivity and objectivity to provide accurate and meaningful depictions of these two elements of American history.

MA (Master of Arts)

Originally published on the XRoads site for the UVA American Studies program. Years range from 1995-2005. Content is captured at the level of functionality available on the date of capture.

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