Optimal aircraft landing patterns for minimal noise impact

Chang, Robert Chi-tuan, Electrical & Computing Engineering, University of Virginia
Cook, Gerald, Electrical & Computing Engineering, University of Virginia
Jacobson, Ira D., Aerospace Engineering, University of Virginia
Aylor, James, School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Virginia

A total system to perform the task of optimizing aircraft landing trajectories with respect to aircraft noise annoyance in the area near airports has been developed. The noise annoyance considered was solely due to aircraft. Multiple aircraft on multiple landing paths can be, and have been, studied by the total system developed. While many of the subsystems such as the aircraft noise signature model, annoyance model, optimization methods, etc. had already existed, the task was to combine all these together into a single working system. The various subsystems included an annoyance model (aircraft noise signature model, population model, impact intensity weighting function) , formulation of aircraft landing paths and constraints, performance measure, and optimization.

PHD (Doctor of Philosophy)
Airplanes -- Noise, Airplanes -- Landing -- Computer programs
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