Parent Training for Parents of Children with Autism

Ratliff-Black, Marie, Education - Curry School of Education, University of Virginia
Therrien, William, CU-Curr Instr & Sp Ed, University of Virginia

Although research has demonstrated the benefits of parent training and parent-implemented interventions for children with ASD and their families, most of the existing research has focused on young children, and no studies have evaluated the value added to interventions by including parents. Additionally, there is not a clear understanding of how to design parent training programs to yield the greatest benefits for parents and their children with ASD. Therefore, the three manuscripts described within are designed to gain a greater understanding of the effectiveness of parent training programs and parent-implemented interventions for school-age children with ASD and to explore potentially effective methods of instruction within parent training programs. Specifically, the three manuscripts aim to identify the value added to interventions for school-age children with ASD by including parents, to determine the effectiveness of parent-implemented interventions for these children, and to evaluate one parent training program which utilizes multiple instructional strategies to teach parents of children with ASD.

PHD (Doctor of Philosophy)
autism, parent training
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