The Materialist Remainder

Larsen, Soren Bo Aggerbeck, English - Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Virginia
Wicke, Jennifer, University of Virginia

This thesis investigates "the materialist remainder" in Elizabeth Bishop and Franz Kafka. It is argued that it is the very literariness of their work which opens up a exemplary site for a dialogue with materialist dialectics. Far from demonstrating the irreducible primacy of reality, the materialist core of their work must be understood as an inherent excess in dialectics itself. Such a materialist dialectics is argued by help of the Lacanian philosopher Slavoj Žižek's re-reading of German Idealism and "the passage from Kant to Hegel".

MA (Master of Arts)
Yeats, Voice, Science, Žižek, Reason, Freedom, dialectics, Lacan, remainder, Kant, claustrophobia, materialism, Bishop, Hegel, literature, literariness, Kafka, void of the Other
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