Interpreting Spatial Distributions of ALMA DEC/O Sample Selections

Haun, Margaret, Astronomy, University of Virginia
Cleeves, Ilse, AS-Astronomy (ASTR), University of Virginia

I investigated the clustering properties within a large-scale survey of protoplanetary disks that are being observed with the Atacama Large Millimeter/Submillimeter Array as part of the ALMA DEC/O Large Program. These disks were selected on a variety of features, but these may have unforeseen effects on any analysis carried out. For example, if the disks are not heterogeneous as expected, then any properties derived from their chemical analyses may be biased. Using Python, Jupyter Notebooks, and 3D plotting tools, I have investigated the clustering of the spatial distribution (density) of disks on the sky and the clustering of stellar masses. I investigated these properties for three out of the four regions targeted with DEC/O. While stellar mass was mostly uniform for Taurus and Lupus, Rho Ophiuchus had some clear separation in the lower (M-dwarf) and higher (GK-dwarf) populations. On the other hand, Taurus and Lupus had more sheet and filament-like structures than Rho Ophiuchus. These efforts will be followed up with more quantitative metrics that span more population properties. Such studies will be invaluable for putting the DEC/O sample into context in the broader population of planet-forming disks.

BA (Bachelor of Arts)
Protoplanetary Disks
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