The Zero Energy Building: A Driver of Change Towards Environmentally Focused Technologies

Burbach, Eric, School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Virginia
Seabrook, Bryn, EN-Engineering and Society, University of Virginia

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The zero-energy building is a building concept that prioritizes the environment before anything else. The zero-energy building aims to limit energy usage to a minimum, and produce its own clean, renewable energy as much as possible. In this way, all the energy that the building uses is created sustainably through the building’s own processes. Therefore, the zero-energy building achieves carbon neutrality. The concept of the zero-energy building is one that has a rare property: its entire design is based around being good for the environment. Unlike so many other technologies that only hurt the environment, this one was created just to benefit the environment. This philosophy can be used to resolve the issues that climate change presents. The necessary solution to climate change is one that requires a paradigm shift in the design of new technologies towards benefiting the environment. This paradigm shift is one that is exemplified perfectly by the zero-energy building.

BS (Bachelor of Science)
Paradigm shift, Climate Change, Zero-energy building, Technology
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