Photoevaporative Winds in the IM Lup Protoplanetary Disk: Evidence from the Low-SNR Regime

Maher, Thomas James, Astronomy, University of Virginia
Cleeves, Ilse, AS-Astronomy (ASTR), University of Virginia

The IM Lup protoplanetary disk is a promising candidate for the first unambiguous observational detection of a photoevaporative wind. I provide context for the search for disk dissipation mechanisms, motivate the search for a dispersive photoevaporative wind in IM Lup using CI emission as a tracer and outline its current status, and present evidence from a matched filter analysis that detects CI at large radii despite noisy data. This detection justifies further observations to confirm the extended CI, and search directly for velocity perturbations deviating from Keplerian orbits. I conclude by outlining an observational proposal that I led as Principal Investigator in the April 2024 ALMA Cycle 11 open call, along with a proposed analysis plan.

BS (Bachelor of Science)
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