John Hartwell Cocke of Bremo: Agriculture and Slavery in the Ante-Bellum South

Coyner, Martin Boyd, Department of History, University of Virginia
Bernard, Mayo, History Department, University of Virginia

John Hartwell Cocke was an original. Apart from the
generality and the crowd, he possessed a talent in pioneering
new paths for old beliefs. It might be asked v-rhy, when our
libraries fairly bulge with biographies of obscure men, when
few facets of the Old South have not been illum:imed, should
someone offer a study of General John Hartwell Cocke? Miss
Martineau well suggests the worth of such individuals. General
Cocke was a unique Southerner. In fact, taken in any context
whatsoever, he was singular. And he had with his singularity
a gift of some vision. He sought to be, again in the language
of Miss Martineau, one of 11 the prophets and redeemers of their
age and Country. He was a prophet and a pioneer in agriculture,
in education, in Gothic architecture, Victorian piety, in
temperance, and much else.

PHD (Doctor of Philosophy)
Southerner, John Hartwell Cocke, visionary

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