Rhetorical Construction of Jews and Pagans in The Book of Acts (Chapters 14-17)

Degerli, Hasan, Religious Studies - Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Virginia
Spittler, Janet, AS-Religious Studies, University of Virginia

The Book of Acts is one of the early Christian narratives telling us stories placing Paul as the main character and the apostle to the Gentiles (pagans) with the aid of the Holy Spirit. The author of Acts gradually develops the story from Jerusalem through Asia Minor to Rome. The rhetoric of the author is shaped with this kind of linear development concordantly. As a result of this process, the author generates rhetoric that depicts the Jews critically, portrays to the Gentiles sympathetically. What is striking is that the author pushes “Christian” to the “Gentile” category, despite the fact that the earliest Christians were Jews.

MA (Master of Arts)
The Book of Acts, Jews, Gentiles, Pagans
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