Increasing Recycling Knowledge in Charlottesville

Saunders, John, School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Virginia
JACQUES, RICHARD, EN-Engineering and Society, University of Virginia
Lin, Felix, EN-Comp Science Dept, University of Virginia
Graham, Daniel, University of Virginia

The problem to be addressed is the lack of clear guidelines on how to recycle, what to recycle, and where to recycle for students and residents living in the Charlottesville area. Solving this problem could lead to an increase in the amount of recycling that happens in the area which has clear benefits for the environment.
A website will be built with technically challenging features. The web framework Angular 10, an open source framework maintained by Google, will be used. The design will be focused around ease of use, will be responsive to different technology platforms including mobile devices and desktop computers, and will be accessibility compliant for tools like screen readers. The design will also be focused around a modern, intuitive design that college students expect. The website will collect analytics about the users who visit the site using Google Analytics and will track the engagement that users have with the site. It will be hosted for anyone to visit using AWS S3 with a public domain, The security of the site will be considered by looking for potential vulnerabilities using OWASP ZAP, patching any possible sources of cross-site scripting attacks, and hosting the site using HTTPS.
The approach to the project will be to first layout the design of the contents of the site. Next the implementation will be done with the design considerations already mentioned as the main focus. Feedback will be gathered through beta testing with friends and technical advisors, and the implementation will be adjusted accordingly. Other factors will then be considered like security and accessibility compliance. Once this is all completed, the site will be hosted in a public domain.

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