Self Playing Xylophone with Real-Time Note Detection

Monsell, Charles, School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Virginia
Barnes, Adam, University of Virginia
Neeley, Kathryn, University of Virginia

The "Simophone" project represents a cutting-edge fusion of talent, entertainment, music, and technology, offering an immersive and educational musical gaming experience. The Simophone features a self-playing xylophone capable of dynamically generating random tunes sourced from a vast library of MIDI files. The user's objective is to hone their listening skills and musical memory by attentively absorbing the melody produced by the Simophone and then translating it into precise tune by striking the correct notes on the xylophone. The Simophone captures the user's performance in real-time through a microphone, meticulously analyzing each note played. Subsequently, the system compares this live recording to the original MIDI file, delivering instantaneous feedback to the player. Success hinges on the player's ability to accurately replicate the tune, fostering an engaging challenge that encourages memory enhancement and musicianship skills. In the Simophone, we have seamlessly merged the worlds of music, technology, and cognitive stimulation, offering a combination of entertainment, learning, and musical expression.

BS (Bachelor of Science)
Digital Signal Processing, A.I, Music, FFT, Art, Copyright, Generative A.I
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