Custom Embedded Counterflow Pipelines

Childers, Bruce R., Department of Computer Science, University of Virginia
Davidson, Jack, Department of Computer Science, University of Virginia
PHD (Doctor of Philosophy)

In recent years, many embedded systems have been introduced that require high-performance at a very low cost (e.g., dollar cost, development turn-around time, power consumption, etc.). These systems can be found in consumer products such as digital video and still cameras, cellular telephones and personal communication devices (e.g., digital two-way radios, wireless Internet modems), and digital audio players (e.g., Diamond’s Rio MP3 player). Although these applications need high-performance, aggressive general-purpose architectures such as Hewlett-Packard’s PA-8500 are too expensive to include in most embedded systems. A better solution is to customize an architecture to the specific performance and cost requirements of an application.

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