Analyzing Archival Terzan5 Data Through Polarization Calibration

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Waddy, Morgan, Astronomy, University of Virginia
Waddy, Morgan, AS-Astronomy, University of Virginia

Redback Pulsars are eclipsing pulsars that are frequently lost due to their quasi-random orbital variability. In this project we endeavored to use new software to gather detections of two pulsars in the globular cluster, Terzan 5. Then using these new detections we were able to investigate the polarization of these sources through calibration of the data. We attempted to verify whether PSR J1748-2446ad is truly the fastest-spinning radio pulsar by using the polarization information, and were unsuccessful. The polarization information of PSR J1748-2446P was more illuminating and provided some evidence of the pulsar having circular polarization.

BS (Bachelor of Science)
pulsars, radio astronomy, redback pulsars, eclipsing pulsars, polarization, spider pulsars
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