Analysis of Flood management methodologies and tools

Phumphid, Khwanjira, School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Virginia
Phumphid, Khwanjira, Engineering Undergraduate, University of Virginia

During the last two decades, climate change has become predominant. It causes weather fluctuation and intensive storms. As a result, flooding has become often and high hazard. It can devastate people’s properties and homes within a short period. Also, it can cause several social problems, such as road closure, school pauses, and unemployment. Therefore, the government and several studies have been conducted to find ways to prevent and mitigate loss. Technology is also playing an essential role in this part. New tools such as flood warning systems, precise weather forecasts, and water sensors are introduced. In addition, mitigation methods such as flood insurance can help endure the loss. In this project, two topics relating to flood prevention strategies are explored. The technical project is about utilizing flood sensors for IOT flood management. In comparison, the STS paper explores the factors that impact homeowners not purchasing flood insurance.

BS (Bachelor of Science)
Flood insurance, Flooding, IoT, Sensor
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