Immunotherapy for Pediatric Cancer (STS research paper)

Leong, Kelsey M., School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Virginia
Baritaud, Catherine, EN-Engineering and Society, University of Virginia
Snyder, Helena, EN-Mat Sci/Engr Dept, University of Virginia

This STS research paper will analyze how the limitations to pediatric cancer can be remedied. The paper will use Actor Network Theory (ANT) to analyze the relationships between the actors and the technology, pediatric immunotherapy treatments; and the relationships between the actors themselves. The key to finding the solution to pediatric cancer treatment neglect is to study each actor and analyze their relationship to the technology and to each other. Identifying these connections will help clarify how the actors can use their influence to realistically and beneficially affect pediatric cancer research. In the same vein, the technical portion of the project will also study cancer immunotherapy, but the goal of the project will be to create a combinational immunotherapy treatment that treat solid tumors.

BS (Bachelor of Science)
Nano-Encapsulation of A2A Receptor, Tumor Size Reduction , Antagonist and OVA Peptides

Other Title: Nano-Encapsulation of A2A Receptor Antagonist and OVA Peptides for Enhanced Tumor Size Reduction (Technical report)
School of Engineering and Applied Science; Bachelor of Science in Engineering Science; Technical Advisor: Helena W. Snyder; STS Advisor: Catherine D. Baritaud.

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