The Wellness Center

Hu, Hanting, School of Architecture, University of Virginia
Somers, Schaeffer, AR-Architecture, University of Virginia
Last, Nana, AR-Architecture, University of Virginia
Cho, Leena, University of Virginia

The Wellness Center is dedicated to cultivating a health-oriented community center, designed to bolster activities that promote well-being. This research explores critical questions within healthcare design—a field at the intersection of architectural innovation and the extensive development programs for health facilities currently underway. At the heart of this study is a deceptively simple question: Can architecture significantly impact hospital effectiveness, prevent health complications, and extend community longevity? The answers, while complex, are decidedly affirmative.

The onset of the 21st century brought with it rapid advancements in medical technology, necessitating a paradigm shift in healthcare design. This new era calls for reevaluation of spatial requirements—including alterations in size, scope, and functionality. The Wellness Center represents a pioneering step towards reimagining the traditional hospital model. It introduces the concept of a hybrid facility that serves as a nexus between urbanity, mega-hospitals, and individual human needs.

MArch (Master of Architecture)
Healthcare Design, Wellness, Telemedicine, Mobile Architecture, San Francisco, Chinatown
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