Celebration: Parson Disney's Fable

Hogan, Kathleen M. , Department of English, University of Virginia
Howard, Alan, Department of English, University of Virginia
Railton, Stephen, Department of English, University of Virginia

This project is about the town of Celebration, Florida, a planned community constructed by the Walt Disney Company adjacent to Walt Disney World in Orlando. The town picks up on the original idea that Walt Disney had for a utopian community to be called the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. But instead of looking to the future for its structure and design as Walt envisioned it would, Celebration has been constructed by his successors to resemble a community out of history. It is Disney's paean to the American past, a two and one half billion dollar nostalgic look backward at the American small town.

MA (Master of Arts)

Originally published on the XRoads site for the UVA American Studies program. Years range from 1995-2005. Content is captured at the level of functionality available on the date of capture.

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