The SPORT-C Intervention: An Integration of Sports, Case-Based Pedagogy, and Systems Thinking Learning

Basoah, Jeffrey, Systems Engineering - School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Virginia
Basoah, Jeffrey, EN-Eng Sys and Environment, University of Virginia

The STEM field is unrepresentative of the population it serves. Due to a lack of cultural relevance in STEM courses, there is a dissociation between the lived experience of students from underrepresented racial groups (URG) and STEM course material. The SPORT-C intervention is a framework that combines sports, systems learning, and a case-based pedagogy into an activity that can be used in any STEM course. A pilot study was conducted to determine the viability of the SPORT-C intervention in a classroom setting and determine if it was worth further investigating and if any impact differed by racial identity. The findings from this study implicate that the SPORT-C intervention has an impact on the motivation levels of students to participate in STEM courses.

MS (Master of Science)
sports, case-based pedagogy, systems learning, underrepresented racial groups, academic motivation
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