Characterization of a Lithium-Ion Solid Dispersion Flow Battery

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Qi, Zhaoxiang, Chemical Engineering - School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Virginia
Koenig, Gary, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Virginia

A new type of non-aqueous flow battery without carbon additives is proposed and the anolyte chemistry is demonstrated. The so-called “Solid Dispersion Flow Battery” incorporates only solid electroactive materials dispersed in organic lithium-ion battery electrolyte as its flowing suspension. In this work, a unique and systematic characterization approach has been used to study the flow battery electrolyte. An electrolyte laden with Li4Ti5O12 (LTO) has been characterized in multiple specially designed lithium half cell configurations. The flow battery described in this report has relatively low viscosity for the potential energy density. The lack of carbon additive allows characterization of the electrochemical properties of the electroactive material in flow without the complication of conductive additives and unambiguous observation of the electrorheological coupling in these dispersed particle systems.

MS (Master of Science)
LTO, suspension, flow, battery, lithium, dispersion
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