Merger Shocks and the Origin of the Large X-ray vs. SZ Discrepancy in Abell 611

Blalock, Henry, Astronomy, University of Virginia
Sarazin, Craig, AS-Astronomy, University of Virginia

We have proposed the first useful XMM observation of the CLASH cluster Abell 611. We have imaged the Sunyaev-Zel’dovich (SZ) effect using MUSTANG (9" res) and Bolocam (1’ res). The high-resolution MUSTANG SZ image shows an excess south of the cluster center that is likely to be a merger shock. The MUSTANG+Bolocam image was used to derive the cluster pressure profile, which is 3x greater than that from the Chandra X-ray data. This is the largest discrepancy seen in any clusters we have observed. We have used the XMM observation to establish the nature of the southern SZ excess, and determined the dynamical state of the cluster. The origin of the SZ vs. X-ray discrepancy was found; this is important as a test of X-ray or SZ mass proxies for clusters in cosmological studies. The was accomplished by analyzing extended sources observed within the cluster and generating X-Ray images of the cluster with emphasis upon temperature and density distribution.

BS (Bachelor of Science)
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