The city of Charlottesville's proposed development of Vinegar Hill

Valtin, Christopher Charles, Department of Economics, University of Virginia
Snow, Arthur A., Department of Economics
Mills, David E., Department of Economics, University of Virginia
Browning, Edgar K., Department of Economics, University of Virginia

The proposed development of Vinegar Hill, as agreed to by the City ofCharlottesville and Bland and Hoye Developers in 1981, has provoked almost two years of spirited controversy among the members of the business community and among the citizenry of Charlottesville, Virginia. At issue is the question of whether the City should use public monies to subsidize the building of a luxury hotel in its downtown neighborhood. This paper will examine factors relevant to that issue: it will predict the distributional impact of the undertaking, it will relate the project to efficient resource allocation, and it will conduct an overall cost-benefit analysis. In short, this paper will demonstrate that the City has been ill-advised to participate in the proposed project.

MA (Master of Arts)
Urban renewal -- Virginia -- Charlottesville -- Finance

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