Filmando tierra adentro. El cine de Lisandro Alonso, la visibilización de protagonistas marginales y espacios periféricos

Monteros-Freeman, Maria, Spanish - Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Virginia
Amago, Samuel, University of Virginia

“Filmando Tierra Adentro. El cine de Lisandro Alonso,
la visibilización de protagonistas marginados y espacios periféricos” examines Alonso’s experimental cinematic aesthetics in terms of how the filmmaker photographs space/landscape/place in order to make visible the presence and culture of marginal subjects. Through a diachronic analysis of his filmography, I examine how the physical geographies represented in his films shape the social and political conditions of their inhabitants, and how the films reflect and reveal the local realities. In doing so, I demonstrate Alonso’s minimalistic cinema disguises crucial social, economic and political discourses through the decentralization of space, the deceleration of time, and the questioning of the role of the traditional movie hero. More broadly, my research considers the relationship between the production of audiovisual texts, peripheral spaces, and marginalized bodies.

PHD (Doctor of Philosophy)
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