The Reality of Statistics: Creating Performance Evaluation Models for Survivor at UVA and The Monster: Assessing the Negative Opinions on AI Generated Music

Lankford, Shannon, School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Virginia
Wayland, Kent, Engineering and Society, University of Virginia

The world of technology is ever-evolving and has continually pushed to perform tasks once done by human beings. From inventions as early as the cotton gin, society has adapted to a wide range of technology that has changed the very way we function. Now, with the rise and optimization of AI and machine learning, technology now stands to perform another vital human function: thought. From the creation of original works to the ability to form analysis-based opinions, our developed technology now stands to replicate our own ability to think. For this technical report and STS paper, I took on two differing versions of this ability in thought. In my technical report, “The Reality of Statistics: Creating Performance Evaluation Models for Survivor at UVA,” I used technology’s ability to form analysis-based opinions by using quantitative data from Survivor at UVA compared to qualitative ratings to create an evaluation model to determine optimal performance in the competition. In my STS paper, “The Monster: Assessing the Negative Opinion on AI Generated Music,” I analyzed the public opinion on AI generated music, focusing on the negative opinion and attempting to ascertain what about AI generated music creates this negative opinion through the utilization of Martijntje Smits’s Monster Theory.

BS (Bachelor of Science)
statistics, monster theory, computer science, survivor, AI
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