The life and letters of Anna Cora Mowatt

Blesi, Marius, English Department, University of Virginia
Wilson, James Southall, English Department, University of Virginia

Anna Cora Mowatt was almost forgotten by the end of the nineteanth century. Early in tha 1900's Mr. Raphael A. Weed, a New York artist, became interested in Mrs. Mowatt, and he set out to collect data, letters, pictures, and books relating to her career as an actress. Mr, Weed interviewed people who had known Mrs. Mowatt personally. But discouraged by William Winter's disparaging attitude toward Mrs. Mowatt's ability as an actress, Mr. Weed
dropped the work he had so well and enthusiastically begun.

Bo further interest was evinced in her until 1922,
when Mr, Ueorge Soheerer began a orltloal study, After a
time, he, toe, gave up his work on Mrs, Mowatt, and when Z
wished to bring out a complete biography, Kr, Soheerer
graciously turned over to me hie materials.

PHD (Doctor of Philosophy)
Anna Cora Mowatt, nineteenth century, actress

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