The Creative Process

Obong, Mfon-Abasi, Drama - Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Virginia
West, Gweneth, Department of Drama, University of Virginia
Linton, Marcy, Department of Drama, University of Virginia

This document analyzes my creative process as an artist, costume designer, and technician over the course of my career here at the University of Virginia. I have a better understanding of the role of clothing in people’s lives. Clothing tells the story of people in every aspect of their life. Clothing reflects a person’s background, culture, ethnicity, personality, and aspiration. As a designer, through analysis of a play and visual evidence, I use clothing to tell a character’s story. As an artist, I use colors, lines, shapes, and textures to create harmony and balance that support the actor and to create the physical and emotional environment of the character through clothing. Each time I draw an image and build a garment, I become more understanding of my role as an artist. As a designer and technologist, every time I create, I make discoveries along the way. The MFA in Costume Design and Technology program enables me to discover and understand the role of a costume designer in the theatre. The discoveries I make enhance my artistic skill, empower my creativity and define me as a person.

MFA (Master of Fine Arts)
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