A geographical study of the orchards of the Crozet district, Albemarle County, Virginia

Wolf, William S., University of Virginia
Poole, Sidman P., University of Virginia
Wallace, Wayne A., University of Virginia

Albemarle County, in the center of historic Virginia, extends eastward down the gentle slopes of the Blue Ridge Mountains and out across the rolling lands of the Piedmont for some twenty-five miles. The Crozet District comprises approximately one hundred square miles of orchard studded land in the western section of the county nestled along the base of the mountains The regimented pattern of the peach and apple trees in their orchards is in direct contrast to the haphazard arrangement of woods, green pastures , and red-brown cultivated fields. This rural district is adequately served by a net of minor roads, and is bisected by U.S. Highway No. 250 and the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad. The excellent fruit produced in this district is shipped to many cities in the United States.

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Albemarle County, Crozet, Orchards
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