The national and school health problem and how it is being met in school and nation: A Report of an Education Hygiene Survey.

Bennett, Elisha Keen, University of Virginia
Manahan, John L., Department of Education, University of Virginia

In the development of this study the original purpose is being kept clearly in mind. The tentative outline which follows, is being adhered to more or less closely, however no previously formulated outline is being allowed to cramp or to limit the field of investigation, rather, practically every possible suggested source of information is being followed out. As a result this report perhaps contains some material which will prove of very little value so far as contributing materially to the final study. However, it seems wise to include at this time all data collected.

The content of this report is in most instances the raw product just as originally collected. As suggested in the outline, it is the purpose of the writer to have all tabulated information for which he assumes responsibility referred to the proper authorities for correction and approval.

MA (Master of Arts)
Public health--United States--Research, School hygiene
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