Tragic elements in the major plays of Arthur Miller

Goodsell, Gilbert Dean, Department of Drama, University of Virginia
Boyle, E. Roger, Department of Drama, University of Virginia
Wilson, Jr., George P., Speech and Drama Department, University of Virginia

The aim of this thesis is to determine the types and extent of tragic elements present in the major plays of Arthur Miller. An examination will be made of each of his three major works, and tragic elements which are believed to be present will be pointed out.

In order to present this study, first of all it is necessary to set forth a brief general discussion of the, elements considered necessary to tragic drama. From this discussion a selected set of criteria will be established with which to judge Miller's plays.

The second, third and fourth sections will consist of an analysis of each or the three plays in chronological order so that it may be determined to what extent tragic elements are present in each play. In an effort to substantiate these findings established authorities and critics of drama will be consulted and some, of their opinions will be discussed.

MA (Master of Arts)
Miller, Arthur -- 1915-2005 -- Criticism and interpretation
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