Implementation of the Domino Sampling Waveform Digitizer in the PIBETA Experiment

Wang, Ying, Department of Physics, University of Virginia
Pocanic, Dinko, Department of Physics, University of Virginia
Day, Donal, Department of Physics, University of Virginia
Cox, Brad, Department of Physics, University of Virginia

The Domino Sampling Chip(DSC)-Waveform digitization system is a significant addition to electronics arsenal of PIBETA experiment. It is used to digitize waveforms from every photo tube in the detector. Through carefully programmed ofi'line analysis of its raw data collected during regular runtime, better timing and energy resolution are achieved compared with feast's results. And more importantly, the geometric character of the digitized waveform which contains information of energy deposition of particle decays can be utilized for particle identification, a great advantage that regular unit could not possess. In addition to fastbus , incorporate DSC data through its ofi'line analysis including timing and energy ofi'set, scale calibration will contribute a final more precise result of PIBETA experiment.

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