Assessing the potential of new energy in mitigating traditional industrial pollution: Implications for environmental protection and governance

Lyu, Zhengshanshan, Environmental Sciences - Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Virginia
Macko, Stephen, AS-Environmental Sciences (ENVS), University of Virginia
Pace, Michael, AS-Environmental Sciences (ENVS), University of Virginia
Gupta, Mool, EN-Elec & Comp Engr Dept, University of Virginia

Renewable energy, while vital to sustainability, presents a complex issue that requires careful examination in the broader environmental discourse. The critical role of renewable energy in environmental protection lies in its potential to minimize negative impacts and contribute to a transformative approach towards sustainable coexistence with the natural world. Examines the principles of photovoltaic energy transformation using materials such as silicon and perovskite, outlining the construction and performance of crystalline silicon and perovskite solar cells, evaluating their environmental implications and advantages, and emphasizing the role of renewable solar energy as an eco-friendly substitute to conventional fossil fuels. The environmental consequences of fossil fuels, encompassing greenhouse gas emissions and pollution, are juxtaposed with the prospective sustainability of renewable energy, while recognizing both the environmental hurdles and technological progress within the renewable field. Green finance serves as a vital catalyst for the transition to a low-carbon economy by funding renewable energy and environmental protection initiatives, leveraging instruments like green bonds and loans; its full potential requires supportive policies, enhanced transparency, and refined methods for environmental risk and impact assessment. The hypothesis put forth in this thesis is that the surging interest in renewable energy is fueled not exclusively by its potential environmental advantages, but predominantly by the aspiration to liberate from the monopolistic stranglehold of conventional fossil fuels. However, this transition towards renewable energy does not unequivocally signify environmental cleanliness.

MA (Master of Arts)
New Renewable Energy, Environmental Protection
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